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Young boy Axel and his uncle Otto Lindenbrock, a geologist passionate about the mysteries of the planet, find a path that will lead them to the Center of the Earth. In spite of his fear, Axel is promoted to his uncle’s assistant and escorts him on this adventure.
The duo is aided by Hans, a funny Icelandic guide who protects them from the dangers of the underground world. Storms, forests, dinosaurs, eruptions and other obstacles are all part of the challenges and discoveries that will forever change the lives of these adventurers.


Audience: Kids
Classification: Children 4 years and older
Duration: 70 minutes
Space: Proscenium Theatre or Black Box

Created on 2015, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is the Company’s second staging aimed at a children’s audience. A success both with critics and public, the show has been nominated to the 2015 São Paulo Award of children’s and youth theatre in the following categories: Best Original Soundtrack, Best Actor and Best Play.
The adaptation of the homonymous book is told by three actors who, in order to breathe life into Jules Verne’s ideas, use acrobatic techniques, physical drama and manipulation of puppets and objects. The staging also features live video projection resources, in order to capture and project backstage shapes and actions crafted by the actors and robots which are part of the setting of this adventure. Five cameras spread throughout the stage bring fantastic dimensions and perspectives to the episodes of this story.
The combination of the visual elements, added to the handling of wood parts, provide for a constant transformation of the theatrical setting, composing transportation, caves and other surprise that engage the audience into unraveling a world within Earth, filled with danger, emotion and adventure.
Journey to the Center of the Earth is a tale about bravery and overcoming difficulties, an intriguing and fun journey verging existentialism, since the underground has always been full of mystery to mankind.

concept • Solas de Vento Company
created by • André Schulle, Bobby Baq, Bruno Rudolf, Eric Nowinski and Ricardo Rodrigues
dramaturgy • Bobby Baq, in collaboration with the director and cast
direction • Eric Nowinski
cast • André Schulle, Bruno Rudolf and Ricardo Rodrigues
art direction • Isabela Teles
original soundtrack • André Vac
set design • Solas de Vento Company and Luana Alves
costume design • Isabela Teles
Nonon Creaturas
props’ lighting and electronics • Marcel Alani Gilber
lighting design • Roseli Marttinely and Eric Nowinski
photography • Mariana Chama
performance by • Solas de Vento Company