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Renata, a quiet and conventional librarian, meets Dona Aparecida, an old woman in hospital and near to death. The unlikely friendship and unexpected discoveries which result from their meeting propel each of the two women on a path of transformation. While Dona Aparecida unveils aspects of her past, Renata finds the courage to travel to the island of Bali to meet her estranged mother.


Audience: Adult
Classification: 14 years and above
Duration: 110 minutes
Space: Proscenium Theatre or Black Box

Created in 2013, “Memoria Roubada” was born from the partnership between Solas de Vento, Cia Linhas Aéreas and Companhia do Polvo from São Paulo and Les Deux Mondes from Canada. The production premiered at the Jardel Filho theatre of the São Paulo Cultural Centre in October 2013 and was awarded Best Visual Project in the CPT 2013 awards, as well as receiving nominations in the categories Best Direction and Best Show in a Conventional Theatre Space.
The project was supported by Arts Queensland (Australia) and by the ProAC ICMS initiative 2012.


Directed by Mark Bromilow, Australian director (ex-Cirque du Soleil), the show also included two Canadian artists from Les Deux Mondes of Montreal; Michel Robidoux (original music and sound design, including live capture and treatment of onstage sound) and Yves Dubé (video design, including 3-D animation to create both realistic and transposed environments)

Through the use of aerial circus techniques, a common language of the three co-producing companies, the work evokes the circus past of Dona Aparecida, the old lady character, represented as a realistic puppet operated by one of the actors.
Elements of Balinese culture such as shadow theatre and traditional Indonesian masks are employed to take the audience on the journey with Renata as she travels to the exotic island of Bali.


The show is a story of personal and social change, a celebration of risk, of conviction and of belief. It is a poem to the memory of circus. And it is a celebration of the wealth of story that lies, often hidden, within the frail bodies of the aged.

Concept, Dramatugy, Direction, Set Design • Mark Bromilow
Created by • Bel Mucci, Bruno Rudolf, Natalia Presser, Ricardo Rodrigues, Rodrigo Matheus and Ziza Brisola
Performed by • Bel Mucci, Bruno Rudolf, Natalia Presser, Ricardo Rodrigues and Ziza Brisola
Stand In • Adriana Telg and Natalia Furlan
Voice of Aparecida • Walderez de Barros
Original Music and Sound Design • Michel Robidoux
Video Design • Yves Dube
Lighting Design • Domingos Quintiliano
Costumes • Luli Guimarães
Balinese Masks • Nyoman Setiawan
Puppet and Shadows Theater • Verônica Sayuri and Bruno Rudolf
Circus Rigging • Ricardo Rodrigues
Rigger • André Schulle
Photography • Paulo Barbuto