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With just a ladder and a map, two lost travellers create a world of exploits and adventure on their way to their final unknown destination.


Audience: Street show
Classification: All
Duration: 30 minutes
Space: Public or open area

Created in 2010, “”Os Perdidos” is the first outdoor show created by the company and had its premiere as part of the SESC Arts Circuit project. The show is an extension of the act “Escada” created by the company in 2007 as part of the SESC Pinheiros Cubo de Ensaio project, directed by Kris Niklison.


Through their playfulness, their conflict and their imagination, the two characters continually transform the ladder into a mountain, a canoe, a cave, a ship. With acrobatic and choreographic movement, the actors’ bodies tell the story which unfolds in a succession of highly visual and humorous scenes.


“Os Perdidos” is a show for the whole family which draws the audience into a surreal world full of playful imagination.

Created and Performed by • André Schulle, Bruno Rudolf and Ricardo Rodrigues
Direction • Solas de Vento
Original Soundtrack • Exentricmusic (Marcelo Lujan)
Costumes • Carola Costa