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Mr. Fog, a well-to-do adventurer decides to travel around the world in 80 days, assisted by his trusted French servant, Passepartout. During their eventful voyage, the duo will be tested by the mysterious Mr. Fix, the bumbling villain intent on stopping them in any way possible.
Travelling across Europe, Egypt, India, China, Japan and the USA, the two adventurers are in a race against time and pitted against the cunning ways of the villainous Mr. Fix.


Audience: Family
Classification: Children 4 years and older
Duration: 70 minutes
Space: Proscenium theatre or black box

Created in 2011, “Around the World in 80 Days”, the first children’s show of the company has had great success with the critics, winning the APCA 2011 awards for Best Actor (Bruno Rudolf) and Best Direction (Carla Candiotta). The show was also awarded Best Actor in the FEMSA Children’s Theatre Awards 2011 in addition to receiving nominations for Best Production and Best Set Design.


The story, based on Jules Verne’s novel, is told by just two actors who give life to the ten characters, transforming themselves constantly and giving the show its lightning pace. Through the manipulation of pieces of metal, wheels and odds and ends the setting is continually being transformed to create ships, trains, mountains, even an elephant, encouraging the audience to exercise their imagineation and partake in this epic adventure.
Three cameras projecting live vision of the onstage action, surprise the audience with unusual perspectives on the characters, their podes of transport and the places they visit.


“Around the World in 80 Days” is an invitation to the audience to go on a journey full of surprises, a playful and poetical trip around the world.

Created by • Solas de Vento and Carla Candiotto
Text and Direction • Carla Candiotto
Performers • Bruno Rudolf and Ricardo Rodrigues
Art Direction • Lu Bueno
Costumes • Olintho Malaquias
Props • Michele Rolandi
Scenic Structures • Solas de Vento
Illustrations • Iara Jamra
Original Soundtrack • Exentricmusic (Marcelo Lujan)
Lighting • Wagner Freire
Photography • Mariana Chama