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Two travellers, retained at customs at an airport, are forced to live in limbo, suspended in the air. While they wait to be able to continue their journey, each has to try to create some personal space, with only a suitcase. Two foreigners placed face to face come together, confront each other and, perhaps, meet in the middle.


Audience: Adult
Classification: Children 8 years and older
Duration: 70 minutes
Space: Proscenium or black box

Created in 2007 and initially titled “Soles of Wind”, this is the first show by the company. It has been presented at Festivals in Munich (Germany) and São Paulo, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In 2014 the show toured 38 Brazilian cities as part of the SESC Palco Giratorio program. The production was nominated for FEMSA 2012 awards in the categories Direction, Set Design and Acting.


“Homens de Solas de Vento” explores themes of cultural difference, through a performance which mixes contemporary dance, theatre and aerial acrobatics and trapeze. The actors are suspended in the air for most of the performance.
The coming together of the characters unfolds poetically through gesture, humour and the eloquence of the actors’ physicality, without the use of words. The non-verbal narrative is underscored by an original soundtrack, created specifically for the work.


With both humour and playfulness, “Homens de Solas de Vento” offers the audience an opportunity to reflect upon human relationships in the context of a globalized world, in the company of two characters from different cultures who find surprising ways of living together.

Created and Performed by • Bruno Rudolf and Ricardo Rodrigues
Direction • Rodrigo Matheus
Original Music • Marcelo Lujan
Lighting • Douglas Valiense and Maria Druck
Design Consultant • Luciana Bueno
Circus Consultant • Erica Stoppel
Set Design Consultant • Adriana Grecchi
Technical Consultant • Alex Marinho
Photography • Mariana Chama